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cafe Britt - Delivering World Flavor Founded in 1985, Grupo Britt has been innovating the regional market for more than 30 years as a committed multi-local company with strict quality standards. As a brand, Café Britt is renowned for creating exclusive gourmet products. The best-known are our coffees and chocolates, crafted by experts from unique recipes and featuring ingredients from prestigious areas such as Tarrazú (Costa Rica), Nariño (Colombia), and Sacred Valley (Peru) that represent the highest quality available. With our gourmet offering, Café Britt maintains a strong presence in the most prestigious hotel chains in Latin America, through impeccable service and unparalleled products. Our business model is unique because it focuses on providing the best experience for every stakeholder in our business: from consumers and employees to growers and the environment. We focus on quality over quantity. Café Britt sources a variety of beans that match the variety of tastes in the world. In Tarrazú, Costa Rica, Nariño, Colombia and Sacred Valley, Peru, we find growing regions that express the raw character of their respective terrain. We then pass along the highest quality beans to artisans and master roasters, who transform each bean, expressing the tradition of flavor within. Now these beans may become part of our exclusive Roasts. Steeped in 30 years of Latin America’s rich coffee history, Café Britt leads the way in craftsmanship, sustainability and quality.

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