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Five centuries ago, on the magnificent Pacific Island known as Island of the Gods, a raging volcano left in its wake the most nutrient-rich soil imaginable. Believed to be a gift of the Goddess Yul-ryeo, from this fertile, fruitful soil was grown the most desirable green tea in all of Asia. Tales of its potency were legendary: emissaries traveled for days to reserve and conserve harvests; Asian princesses rubbed the leaf’s powerful essence on their face to maintain their youth. From South Korea’s Jeju Island, he began what today is his bespoke company’s journey to unearth and evolve this unique, revolutionary science. From this proud heritage, AMOREPACIFIC conceives and achieves strikingly efficacious skincare. AMOREPACIFIC's sacred and protected gardens are located at the foot of Halla Mountain on the Pacific Isle of Jeju, off the coast of Korea. These gardens are nourished by the world’s purest spring water and mineral-rich volcanic soil, which are the ideal conditions to produce green tea. Here, vital parts of the green tea plant are meticulously grown and handpicked at the peak of their optimal potency, at specific times of the month, day and year, to ensure superior efficacy for its use in skincare. Every month we offer amorepacific coupon codes for our customersthrough emails.

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